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Our anti-bullying team: 

Anyone from our school community who is aware of an instance of bullying should report it, in the first instance, to either a class teacher or a member of the anti-bullying team (see below).

Year GroupAnti-Bullying Team member

Upper KS2

Kim Turney (anti-bullying lead)

Lower KS2

Sam Mallon (anti-bullying lead)


Jack Wilson

Early Years

Stacey Bushell

SEN Unit

Pauline Cheng

Additional pupil contacts

Karen Finn

What is bullying?


The repetitive intentional hurting of one person or a group, by another person or group where the relationship involves an imbalance of power.

Bullying can be physical, verbal, or psychological and can happen face to face or online.


Previous ideas about bullying are that it is often one on one, however it should be recognised that bullying is often a group activity with many roles.  Ideally, we want our children to become defenders.

Why is it important to respond to bullying?

Bullying hurts and no-one deserves to be a victim of bullying and everybody has the right to be treated with respect.  Bullying can have both short and long term effects on people (see our policy for full details) so it is really important that we have a whole school approach to bullying which is pro-active.

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